Moderating Content

Each feed is owned by a Concerto group. The first sample feed in the system (Concerto) is owned by the "Concerto Admins" group. Initially, this groups consists only of the Concerto administrator (the user who subscribed to Concerto). By clicking the "Browse" button, the Concerto feed link, and then the "Edit Feed" button, you can change the group that owns the feed. Once a group owns a feed, its leaders and members with feed permissions will be able to add, remove, moderate, and modify content submitted to the feed.

When content for a feed is available for moderation, a "Moderate" tab with a number in a red box will appear to the right of the "Add" button on the content panel. The number indicates the number of items awaiting moderation. Once you select the feed with content requiring moderation, you can approve or deny it by mousing over it (and clicking the check or cross icons), or click it item for more information before using the "Approve" or "Deny" buttons. While a moderator can edit the content to change its title, duration, or display dates, they cannot change the content itself. Once a piece of content is approved or denied, the user (per their preference) is notified.