Forming Groups

Concerto Groups

Forming Groups

Users within Concerto can be organized into groups for the purposes of managing screens or moderating content feeds. When a group is created, the creator becomes the leader of a group and is able to add and remove members as well as manage any feeds (a category of content focused on a particular subject) or screens (a physical display that displays Concerto content) owned by the group. Additional members can be added as leaders, or have permissions to manage group-owned screens and feeds.

A new user group should only be necessary when that group is to have explicit control over one or more screens or feeds. For this reason, you likely won't have very many user groups. Each user group can administer many different screens and feeds, but each screen and feed can only be controlled by a single user group.

Adding Members

The page for a user group will list all of the users currently belonging to this group, as well as any feeds and screens the group currently controls. You can click on these items to go to their respective pages to view their respective details and options. If you have permission to add members, you should be able to see the "Manage Members" button on the group page,which enables administrators or group leaders to adjust membership and permissions as needed. Only those people who have logged into Concerto successfully at least once will be shown in this list. To add a person from the list to your user group, find his or her name and click the Add button. The user is now a member of your group.